Love Poetry


Shy like a child I turned away,
Yet deep in my heart, I wanted to stay.

I wanted to see you, the you under your skin.
I want to be inside your head, but I'm already in.

I was afraid therefore I couldn't see.
Even though I turned my head you somehow got in me.

You carefully stole my conscience, and for once I feel free.
I don't care what people think. I don't care what they see.

You made me see that kindness actually does exist.
You invited me to your world, and I could not resist.

I love the way you are, I love the words you say.
You talk to me so gently, in such a caring way.

I love to look at you, and I'm sorry that you don't know.
But one day I will tell you and from there our love will grow.

You want me to say I love you, but the timing isn't right.
You'll always be my lover and I'll dream of you tonight.