So Close But So Far

Hate Poetry

So Close But So Far

I look at you, hoping for a smile.
Wondering what you'll do, I look at you.

I look at you, you look at me,
Your thoughts are clear for me to see. You look at me.

I can see you laugh inside, as you strip away my pride.
You don't talk to me, you just walk by, and I want to die,
When you look at me.

I laugh as well, but my emotions swell,
As I look at you and you look at me.

My mind is left to linger on, looking for an answer,
looking for an answer, but it is gone, after you look at me.

Why do you look at me? Your face is one I don't want to see.
Stay away from me, stay away from me, stay away from me.

Yet you still fucking look at me.