Hate Poetry


You make all my choices, and I just go along.
Even though it hurts me, you always do me wrong.

How do you watch me suffer, and not feel a bit of guilt?
With you by my side my self-esteem cannot be built.

How can I live, if I only live for you?
You control all my decisions and everything I do.

I'm tired of being your doll, to push and shove around.
My soul is reaching out to me, it desires to be found.

Will you let it find me, or keep it locked away?
It should be my choice, but to you that's not okay.

You not only hurt my feelings, you fill my heart with hate.
I'm scared for I don't know if my heart can hold this weight.

How does it feel, to treat me like you do?
How would it feel, if I did this to you?

You will one day know, for someone will do you wrong,
And you will have no choice, you will be forced to go along.