Pains Ultimate Depth

Hate Poetry

Pains Ultimate Depth

Choices, answers, reality strikes.
Like a knife, a stake, an unforgettable bite.

What to do, what to say, nothing can change.
Decisions are permanent and you are to blame.

It's your fault your heart aches and you want to die.
It's your fault your broken, it's your fault you cry.

The pain slowly seeps reaching ultimate depth.
The pain will remain if your secrets are kept.

There is no escape, no way out, no way back.
Your mind is prey and your thoughts will attack.

How ungrateful to take advantage of all that life brings.
You've selfishly slaughtered and now the bee stings.

How you wish you could vanish, be erased, disappear.
Your pain will not subside by the shed of a tear.

You just get deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper
and deeper and deeper and now it's to late.

What a horrible and pitiful reality.