Hate Poetry


Half of my heart is full of hate,
and I have saved it just for you.
No one else can fill it,
no matter what they do.

I hate you with a passion
that is too strong to describe.
And you are a fool to think
you can replace it with a bribe.

You are so pathetic,
you do not have a clue,
And I will never love you,
no matter what you do.

This unbearable hate I have for you
is always on my mind,
And on the day I leave you
my hidden happiness will unwind.

Of course I will still hate you,
but my present unhappiness I will lack.
And once I leave your sorry ass
I'm never looking back.

After I leave you,
I never want to see your face.
As my unforgettable enemy
you are a pitiful disgrace.