Sad Poetry


There are so many nights when I cry myself to sleep.
My heartache and pain, it goes so very deep.

I try to be brave, but I always seem to cry,
For my heart is broken, and it hurts deep down inside.

The crying hurts so badly, but feels good in a way.
It releases all my anger for which there are no words to say.

Sometimes I feel the tears, will last forever more,
Then I run out of tears and my heart closes it's door.

In no time the door reopens, and I cry once again.
The crying comes and goes, but no one knows when.

How I dread the moment when the tears do not flow.
I know that it sounds crazy, but sometimes I don't want them to go.

Crying is my escape from my surroundings and my fears.
For some things are so frustrating that they require tears.

Crying prevents my mind, from going insane,
So goodbye I need to cry, for I am feeling pain.