Heart Breaker

Sad Poetry

Heart Breaker

My heart has been broken so many times I have lost count,
And when I think about it, to you all the others can't amount.

For you broke my heart the most, and I still suffer today.
But what hurts me the most is in the end you had no words to say.

I was left to assume what you were feeling deep inside.
Out of all the things you did to me I want to know why you lied.

If you didn't know, I cared about you a lot,
And it is not my fault that you were so easily caught.

What were you thinking? How could you choose her over me?
You had my heart right in your hand, but you were to blind to see.

Well it is your loss not mine, I hope you never make the same mistake.
Even though you hurt me you gave me courage no one can ever take.

Thank you for the courage, it has set me free.
I'm sorry that you weren't half the man, I thought you were,
and could one day be.