No One is What They Seem to Be

Friendship Poetry

No One Is What They Seem To Be

All my hope has turned to stone,
The world has left me all alone.

I do admit I once had a dream,
But no one is what they seem.

I once possessed the ability to trust,
But all those people left me in the dust.

All my supposed friends deserted me,
I sometimes wonder how this could be.

I tell myself this is all a dream.
How could people's actions be so obscene?

Maybe if I just play life by ear,
And ignore my reflection in the mirror.

Everything would be okay,
I wish that could happen for at least one day.

I wish I could forget who I was,
And turn my past into a blurry fuzz.

Until then it will continue to haunt me,
Until then I will be trapped for I can never be free.