Friendship Poetry


Throw your life away, just flush it down the drain.
Drive a knife right through my heart, make me go insane.

Life is just a joke, who cares if you break a rule.
I don't think that you deserve to live, I think you're a stupid fool.

To you life has no boundaries, it is all just a game.
If it is not your fault then who's there to take the blame?

You didn't do anything wrong, you just wanted to have fun.
Well know look you little bitch, just look what you have done.

You've fucked up royally and now you have to pay.
Your dirty little secret will never go away.

Now is your chance to make everything right.
Will you be a coward, or will you try and fight?

Your ship has come in, will you stay or will you go?
No matter what I'll be here, I just want you to know.