My Bestest Friend

Friendship Poetry

My Bestest Friend

I have a bestest friend, or should I say I had.
She used to be there to cheer me up whenever I was sad.

One day I smelt the coffee and realized she was no longer there.
I wanted so bad to tell her, but I didn't dare.

I never saw it coming; I thought we'd be friends for life.
I feel as though I've been stabbed by and aids-infected knife.

The pain is so intense, it sometimes makes me cry.
I never thought I'd live to see the day we'd say goodbye.

I remember when we used to spend every waking moment together.
As corny as it may sound we were as close as birds to a feather.

The saddest part is letting go,
I love her with all my heart and she will never know.

Catrina if you ever read this, you are a piece of my heart,
And now that you are gone, I don't know were to start.

I love you like a sister, and I always will.
I'll love you till the day I die and I'm in my grave lying cold and still.